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Hi and welcome to A Yuki Kaori Shrine, French fansite dedicated to the Japanese mangaka Kaori YUKI (由貴香織里), with the description of all her works, galleries and the main collectibles available. This is a non-official website that I try to keep up to date as much as I can since 2002. Beware, the place is full of SPOILERS!

For Contes d'Antan (yesteryear tales) the version 8, I use the PmWiki technology. The site also becomes interactive with the ability of commenting my news. For practical reasons I don't separate Kaori Yuki and site news anymore. However, all her news hold the specific tag: "Kaori Yuki" that will filter them conveniently.

This site is mostly French only but I've spread English words here and there so that you're not totally lost. I also write news in English since March 2008. You have access to a 'Translate' button (by Google) at the bottom of the pages through 'AddThis' bar. You can also use Bing for alternative translation. Lastly, don't hesitate to write me, I'll be happy to answer!

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Alice v.9

On the 7th of November (side note: my b-day ^^) the 9th volume of Alice in Murderland was released in Japan. In this book we witness a wild fight between Miser and Alice, under joyous observation from Olga. But in her mad moments, did Miser really turned against her good friend Stella? *don't spoil, don't spoil*

Chapter 37 of the series will be released in the first Aria issue of 2018, sold on 28th of November.

The new version of my site Angel Sword about Angel Sanctuary is now finised and online, excepted the English pages which are still being added. Gomen!

Volume 9 (9784065104699) Titlepage ch.35 Miser and Alice alice-ch35-page40


New autograph and my todo

The latest issue of Aria, #9 released end of July, marks the magazine 7th year existence. As each year on the occasion, every mangaka with an ongoing series dedicated a drawing of their characters. Kaori Yuki made an Alice sneakier than previous times. Moreover, this year 3 different postcards sets with colourful illustrations from several Aria series are available. Alice from chapter 25 was chosen to be put in set A which exists in 7 copies only! (I didn't check it but I suppose these are zen-in.)

Kaori Yuki won't be published in the next issue, Alice in Murderland chapter 35 will be released in Aria #11 on September 28, 2017.

Now a little glimpse of my todo: French translation of Parasyte oneshot is soon done, and I'm still trying to put back online my old Angel Sanctuary archive site Angel Sword! There's just so much to do!

2017 2016 2015 2014 aria7th goodies201709 series-rare-postcards


Oh sweet holidays!

My, time flies, to think we are already in July, and that I'm soon leaving, oh sweet holidays! Yippie ^-o-^ See you in September to enjoy the releases of Alice in Murderland volume 6 in France on the 6th, and volume 7 in the US on the 19th.

In Japan, Alice in Murderland volume 8 has just been released. The cover features Alice and the twins Sol & Mare. There, our heroine spends some hard time fighting her brothers, and as always we discover (a bit) more about Kuonji family and their enemy the Washimiyas'.

French japanime fair Japan Expo started yesterday near Paris, however this year I've read no announcement and seen no products related to Kaori Yuki and her works. I found a list of goods to hunt here. Unfortunately there will be no Japex for me this year... *regrets*

ISBN 9784063809299 Color page from Alice in Murderland volume 8, feat. Sol and his power of fire Titlepage ch.33


And Alice is still running...

Evening everybody! Volume 5 of Alice in Murderland has been released last week in French, this is a interesting part of the story where we learn more about big bro Zeno and big sis Ibara. Alice is totally unleashed once again, for our great pleasure. :3 I added the French atogaki of the book, available on the atogakis page as always. And at last can you discover the title pages of the latest 2 chapters (31 & 32). Chapter 33 will appear in the next issue of Aria, #8, to be released on June 28.

Titlepage Titlepage Volume 5 postscript EAN 9782811634315


Chapter 30: the twins

Ooh, Alice in Murderland chapter 30 has been published in Aria 5 on March 28. A fight is ongoing since the previous chapter: Alice is opposing Mare again, then at the end of this chapter his/her twin Sol shows his true face: he'd own the power of fire?! Chapter 31 will be published in the next issue of Aria, on April 28.

Titlepage ch.30


Alice covers scans

Hi... time flies! Nothing wow today, I only updated info about Alice in Murderland (something that I also do without warning at times) and scanned anew the latest book covers, they now look closer to the real thing. I also added the atogakis of these same books (4 to 7).

Now a glimpse at the upcoming releases:

  • Alice in Murderland volume 5 in France (9782811634315): May 31, 2017
  • Alice in Murderland volume 6 in the US (9780316469319): April 18, 2017

In Japan, volume 8 is most likely to be expected in late summer... Kaori Yuki sensei did not write new chapters recently - what is uncommon - and I didn't find anything about the matter (yet).

I have quite some more pictures to add to my site... though time for preparing them, I lack. :(

Titlepage ch.29 (Miser) alice-fr-vol04-all alice-jp-vol04-all alice-jp-vol05 alice-jp-vol06-all alice-jp-vol07-all


Alice in News

Good evening, I opened my scanner today in order to bring you some new pictures from the manga Alice. On the menu: chapter 28 title page from the end of November, a couple of drawings of that same chapter, French atogakis from the manga and the comment in her Parasyte oneshot (in English ^^).

Titlepage ch.28 (Rikudou) Alice in Murderland ch.28 Alice in Murderland ch.28


Code Geass 10th anniversary: tribute

Among events launched and announced for the 10th anniversary of Code Geass successful anime, Kaori Yuki was invited to draw an illustration for a lottery where there will be 22 kinds of items to win. Tickets will be sold from December 3rd, 2016 for 1000 ¥ in Japanese bookstores, hobby shops and amusement parcs. Kaori Yuki made Lelouch and C.C. The prizes to win are:

  • A : big memorial acryl board, 28 cm
  • B : big acryl board of Lelouch of the rebellion, 28 cm
  • C : memorial booklet, 14 pages, B4 sized with 2 pages spread illustrations (2 different to be chosen)
    • Booklet #1: contains one illustration per following guest: naked ape, Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail), Atsushi Ohkubo (Soul Eater), Kaori Yuki
    • Booklet #2: contains older Code Geass illustrations
  • D: acryl board with new illustrations, 14 cm (6 different to be chosen)
  • E: portraits A4 (package of 12)
  • Item given with the last prize available in a store: a shikishi with C.C. from the character designer Takahiro Kimura

Details in the press release (Japanese).

Items celebrating the 10th anniversary of Code Geass Items celebrating the 10th anniversary of Code Geass


Alice summary, Neo Parasyte f in English

Big update today!

  • Detailed summary of volumes 5, 6, and latest prepublished chapters of Alice in Murderland, spoil inside!
  • New characters files for Alice in Murderland
  • Signs (Angel Sanctuary 2015)
  • Inspirations (Alice in Murderland ch.21: see)
  • Goodies (postcard Pika 2016)
  • Parasite (manga)

Along with interesting things regarding releases.

  • Alice chapter 28: today in Aria 1, 2017. It ends the future volume 7.
  • Alice in Murderland volume 3 in France: in two days :D
  • Alice in Murderland volume 4 in France: 1st March 2017
  • Alice in Murderland volume 5 in the US: 24 January 2017
  • Alice in Murderland volume 7 in Japan: 6 January 2017
  • Neo Parasyte f in English: this month (3rd November 2016) by Kodansha Comics (USA). The oneshot tribute by Kaori Yuki is called "The God of Never Never" in English (Nainai no Kamisama).
New Setsuna to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Viz Shojo Beat imprint in July 2015. First press postcard for Alice vol.1 release in June 2016 in France. Neo Parasyte f (USA) Neo Parasyte f, with 2 colourful illustrations inside.


A little Alice update

Hi there! I haven't posted anything here for quite a long time, that's because I'm very busy since September and it won't change anytime soon... But no worries I keep an eye on the matter, and don't forget that I also use Twitter to give news.

Alice in Murderland owns 27 chapters in Japan (6 volumes), and soon it will also count 3 volumes in France: Pika will publish #3 on November 30 (next Wednesday) and will then publish volume 4 on March 1st, 2017.

Now let's go back to Japan a little more... In Alice in Murderland chapter 26, we could witness the end of Alice's fight against Ibara the wrestler, you can see below a few (bloody) pages of that part. Then a new part begins: Stella confronting Alice, where Alice ends up taking control over Stella's body... In chapter 27, we finally get some knowledge about Alice's past, how she's been trained, thanks to our harmless little Stella aimlessly going "through the looking-glass".

Title page Title page Volume 3 FR [9782811631703] - November 30, 2016 alice-ch26-page01 alice-ch26-page02 alice-ch26-page16 alice-ch26-page21 alice-ch26-alice


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