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Hi and welcome to A Yuki Kaori Shrine, French fansite dedicated to the Japanese mangaka Kaori YUKI (由貴香織里), with the description of all her works, galleries and the main collectibles available. This is a non-official website that I try to keep up to date as much as I can since 2002. Beware, the place is full of SPOILERS!

For Contes d'Antan (yesteryear tales) the version 8, I use the PmWiki technology. The site also becomes interactive with the ability of commenting my news. For practical reasons I don't separate Kaori Yuki and site news anymore. However, all her news hold the specific tag: "Kaori Yuki" that will filter them conveniently.

This site is mostly French only but I've spread English words here and there so that you're not totally lost. I also write news in English since March 2008. You have access to a 'Translate' button (by Google) at the bottom of the pages through 'AddThis' bar. You can also use Bing for alternative translation. Lastly, don't hesitate to write me, I'll be happy to answer!

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Health break for Kaori Yuki

One month ago, on the 18th February 2021, Kodansha informed their readers through Palcy's Twitter that Kaori Yuki needed to take a break to care for her health, after a sudden degradation at the end of 2020. The publisher cautiously announced that her ongoing manga might resume around summer 2021.

Right now while I'm writing these lines, Kaori Yuki is in a rehabilitation hospital since the beginning of February in order to recover her motor skills. She walks with a cane, trains her drawing and colorizing skills and the daily tasks movements.

She keeps us up to date on Twitter since the 10th January 2021 (tweet), most likely after she went out of the intensive care unit.

Hablas español ? => clic clic.

Read the official notice below: Etc...

Happy Holidays

I wish all the best for the end of the year 2020, and a lot of joy during the celebrations! I uploaded a little extra for you: a wallpaper made by me. You can see more on the fanwork page. See you soon in 2021. ^^



Beauty and the Beast 3!

After months of silence, here I am, healthier than ever, with quite a few information to share today. ^^

Yuki sensei continues publishing her series on time, therefore it counts three volumes now:

  • Volume 3 - October 13, 2020 [ISBN 9784065209844]
  • Volume 2 - June 11, 2020 [9784065197493]
  • Volume 1 - February 13, 2020 [9784065184233]

I uploaded the postscripts of the volumes 1 et 2 here!

Moreover, now comes the best for you: Kodansha will publish the series starting from August 2021 in English under the title Beauty and the Beast of the Lost Paradise (news here). How cool is that? ^^

As usual since a few years now, Kaori Yuki keeps adding new illustrations of her pro and side works and little pleasures through Twitter. Today, I chose to share works related to Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Murderland. You can explore my "likes" on the website Twitter to see more good stuff. ^^

More to come... ;)

Cover picture Cover picture


Beauty and the Beast of the Lost Paradise 1

Hello everyone! While we are all confined here in France since a week, I think some news about Kaori Yuki would lighten the mood and bring some good times to those sharing the same boat. :3

As you may have read on Twitter, the volume 1 of La Belle et la Bête du Paradis Perdu, Kaori Yuki's new series started in October 2019, was released in Japan on February 13, 2020. The subtitle is in French (yay!), I translate it as simply as "Beauty and the Beast of the Lost Paradise".
On Kodansha's site, as usual a preview of 24 pages is available, which represents about half of chapter 1. This series is 100% digitally made and its prepublication occurs only online, on "Palcy".

The cover is dark and detailed, unlike Alice in Murderland, its rich hues remind of the style used for Devil's Lost Soul (example). Sensei uses French words in the table of contents, most likely some little reminder of the French origin of the tale. By the way, you can read it on the site here (French only).

Kaori Yuki has given us several pretty illustrations on Twitter (like here) that I have added into the gallery.

ISBN 9784065184233 belle-bete 04 belle-bete maids belle-bete belle05


French scanlation of Parasyte tribute

To those among you who can read French... I thought of offering a little something for Winter Holidays, a present that you will hopefully enjoy: a scanlation of the Parasite oneshot written 5 years ago by Kaori Yuki sensei. The series is already available in English since 2016 but not yet in French. I translated the title into "Le Dieu des Petits Secrets", quite different from the English version, The God of Never Never, or from the original Nainai no Kamisama.

Another little surprise, a nice recent illustration from Count Cain / God Child. Sensei published it on Twitter at the end of October 2019 when the series was made available online on the Japanese site manga-park.com. Enjoy ^^

Count Cain / God Child - Oct. 2019


New page on the website!

At last, the work Beauty and the Beast has its very own page on A Yuki Kaori Shrine, in Manga. ^__^ It took me some time to get hold of the Palcy app, I hope I made no mistakes in my explanations and that they are not too confusing either (French only).

The series is titled Rakuen no Bijo to Yajuu, that I dare translating into Beauty and the Beast of the Fallen Garden (La Belle et la Bête du Jardin Déchu in French). For now, 4 chapters of about 40 pages are available on the mobile app, mostly not free. Chapter 5 is currently in progress. Still, to tease us, the first 14 pages are online here for free, thank you Kodansha x Palcy x Pixiv. ^^ 10 pages are published per week, meaning 40 pages per month just like Alice in Murderland or Demon From Afar.


Beauty and the Beast on Palcy

On the 17th of October 2019, almost one year after the publication of the last volume of Alice in Murderland (Oct 5, 2018), Kaori Yuki sensei will have her Beauty and the Beast manga published on Palcy (パルシィ), Kodansha and Pixiv's Japanese app for manga reading on phone, which is not available in France. The Japanese title of the manga is Rakuen no Bijo to Yajuu (落園の美女と野獣), the protagonists are an antipathetic Beauty who thinks she's ugly and an awkward asocial Beast (source: her tweets). This is the story that Kaori Yuki shared on Pixiv earlier this year.

In the meanwhile, you may still read the latest postscripts of Alice that I finally uploaded. In French though, sorry...


Alice in France and Angel Sanctuary online

Now sharing a quick overview of the French releases. There is one volume only to be released then Alice in Murderland is over in France! The dates:

  • Alice in Murderland volume 11 - 22nd May 2019 (EAN 9782811648824)
  • Alice in Murderland volume 10 - 23rd January 2019 (EAN 9782811646851)

Also, since the beginning of March 2019, Angel Sanctuary is available on the Japanese online reading website of Hakusensha: manga-park.com, with 2 free chapters (an app is also available for smartphones). Kaori Yuki made on the occasion two new pictures of Setsuna Mudou and his sister, hence we can see her first digital works "officially" used.

Tenshi kinryouku (Angel Sanctuary) Super spectacular battle - Tenshi kinryouku


Beauty and the Beast

Like me, maybe you've been wondering what was preparing Kaori Yuki sensei since the end of Alice in Murderland in October 2018 in Japan? Well, as usual she's not having any true break and is learning digital painting instead. She recently finished her own version of Beauty and the Beast (微女と野獣), in 10 pages that we can read online for free on her Twitter and Pixiv accounts only. She introduced this oneshot as a training for the use of digital screentones.

Since February, we can also witness her latest digital paintings "homeworks" on Twitter and Pixiv. She explains this is quite hard for her as there are loads of functions to remember (well, I guess every cg artists know the feeling).


Dojinshi for the new year 2019

Beautiful and happy new year 2019 n( ^ω^)n ('Alice in Murderland': drawing by Yuki sensei colorized by Leguman)

Today I speak about doujinshi: maybe some of you have already seen my recent findings on Twitter. These dojin are Kaori Yuki's recent productions: all of them being about Osomatsu-san, successful anime in two seasons aired in 2015 and 2017. She signs under a new pen name: ラピス ("lapis") of the circle 深海ゼリー ("shinkai jelly").

We can find 7 doujinshis that are sold on Toranoana and Mandarake and of course at Japanese cons. Or else, we are still very lucky to have access from our chair from everywhere in the world, to her roughs and more on her second Pixiv account. Her latest doujinshi has been printed in November 2018.
=> More on my dojinshi page.

Shinanai boku wo korosu no wa (2016) Kimi e kuchizuke akuma to nemuru (2016) Oki ni mesu mama (2016) Karappo no tenkuni (2017) Bokura wa aru asa totsuzen ni (2017) Choyo hanayo part 1 (2017) Choyo hanayo part 2 (2018)


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