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New batch of pictures and soon Alice v5

Hiya, I'm back here with news and lots of pictures! Kakei no Alice volume 5 will be released on 3rd of March 2016, it will include chapters 16 to 20. This tankoubon unveils stories around Tsukito and Zeno's past and we also discover Alice becoming even crazier. Chapter 21 is out pretty soon on February 27 in Aria #4.

Regarding galleries, I've added 44 sketches fetched on Kaori Yuki sensei's Twitter (you will notice that she is currently somewhat obsessed with the anime Osomatsu-san now airing in Japan), 5 scans from Alice along with its 2 latest title pages, a dozen of sensei's collages taken from Twitter and 2 surprises: new originals of Cain-sama and Michael!! Eyes food!

Kakei no Alice - title page Kakei no Alice - title page sketch160 20160206 cain sketch161 20160206 mikael sketch141 20151217 alice zeno sketch149 20151228 alice zeno tsukito alice-ch19-zeno alice-ch20-alice1 alice-ch20-alice2 alice-ch20-page17 alice-ch20-page39 alice-collageyuki07 20151027 sketch132 20151208 osomatsusan


Alice chapter 18

Kakei no Alice chapter 18 has been released at the end of October, in which new identities are unveiled: Ibara's wrestling hobby and Zeno's through a flashback about his childhood. Find below a few pictures from Aria #12 where it is issued. Weirdly enough, they echo rather well current events in France...

Kakei no Alice - title page chapter 18 alice-ch18-page04 alice-ch18-page39

AGF 2015 fair

During the upcoming weekend of November 7-8 will take place the Animate Girl Festival at Ikebukuro Animate store in Tokyo. Aria will bring a nice amount of goods for sale related to their current success series, as such there will be key holders, paper letter sets, badge cans, bromide cards and framed posters (fukusei genga). Kaori Yuki fans will be able to fetch Kakei no Alice goods and to buy a signed copy of volume 1.



Brand new guestbook

Very quickly, I inform you that the website guestbook has officially reopened. I finally took the time to create a new one since the old one has been eaten by the langoliers. Luckily I had foreseen this dreadful day and had a backup of all your old messages, it is now online here. Please don't be shy and post some words! Tell me what you think about the site or Kaori Yuki sensei. ^_~


Alice in Murderland special

I finally updated Kakei no Alice page with information about extra cards, volume 4 and licences. Regarding pictures, I scanned title pages of chapters 16 and 17 - with a colored Stella! - and a few pictures from ch.16 and 17 that I like: we finally meet Ibara, another sister of Stella... I also added pictures to my "divers" gallery ("misc.") coming from Yuki sensei's tweets, including an Attack on Titan fanart. ^^
By the way, you can have a look at the manga until chapter 10 (volume 3) in Chinese here. There is no English version easily available online as the series is being published in the USA since June 2015.

Japan events summary:Etc...

Update of the day

Hello dear followers, I worked night and day since the reup of the site so that it would work fine again as soon as possible. Here's the state of things so far:

The next update will be entirely dedicated to Kakei no Alice, with for instance a nice update of the gallery. ^^


Backup of June 2015

Bad news today, the website went through some server issue at the end of September and didn't survive. The version 8 with updated info is no more... I uploaded a backup from June 18 2015, which is the day when I switched the site from v7 to v8. Unfortunately you will have to do with some outdated information while I progressively update missing content... Gomen nasai!


Signs for Aria 5th birthday!

Hello everyone! While preparing this news about Aria issue of July 28, I realised that the next issue - the 10th - is already out... since today (though). So, here's a quick glance at issue 9 released one month ago, which closes the 5th year of the magazine: I scanned signs of every mangakas who participated (beware, heavy file of 1.6 MB). Kaori Yuki made us a sulky Alice.

Below, find chapter 15 title page and its last page. I like a lot Olga's allure, Stella's step-mother, an ageless woman...

aria2015-09 sign-all dedi2015-Alice Title page alice-ch15-page40


Holidays and Aria event

Voici quelques images de Kakei no Alice, les dernières que je vous montrerai avant la rentrée car je m'en vais quelques temps au Mexique. ^^ Le prochain numéro d'Aria sortira dans 8 jours, ce numéro risque d'être intéressant vu que le magazine fêtera ses 5 ans d'existence ! Il contiendra un chapitre d'Alice, on peut donc s'attendre à une petite dédicace par Kaori Yuki comme les fois précédentes (voir).

Pour l'occasion, le magazine organise un événement le 30 août prochain, une foire spéciale pour remercier ses fans, où il faut s'inscrire d'avance en renvoyant deux preuves d'achat au magazine. Là-bas, on pourra acheter ou gagner des goodies exclusifs, dont quelques portes-clefs, papier à lettres, 100 reproductions signées (20 pour Kakei no Alice), 100 Quo cards et des clear files. Il y aura également une conférence à laquelle Kaori Yuki participera un moment avec naked ape pour parler des débuts d'Aria.

alice18 Collage made by Kaori Yuki Shikishi made for volume 3 release


Version 8 online!

The version 8 is finally online! Pheww, so much work spanning over two years for this one... with a release postponed due to the time-consuming activity of newborn caring and other life events.^^ Beyond the template featuring Yuki's recent series Demon from Afar, let's have a look at the changes and new features of the site.


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