With ingredients such as female singers only and some ethereal melodies, I chose these songs according to the theme and title of the version 8 of the site: Contes d'Antan (yesteryear tales). Of course, there is some horror and blood scattered across the playlist as it should illustrate Kaori Yuki's world. I hope this selection of 40 minutes will transport you to some (fairy) tales and various legends or remind you of some characters of Yuki sensei. For example, I tend to see the queen Gem Silica (Grand Guignol Orchestra) in the song "Bim Bam Boum".

This playlist was created in 2012 and may change a bit over time.

1. Majo ga Sumu Shima

Composer: GranMusik
Translation: The island where the witch lives
Album: 2009, Umineko no Naku Koro ni OST (anime) "When the seagulls cry"

2. VII

Composer: Akiko Shikata
Album: 2009, Umineko no Naku Koro ni OP Single (anime)
♦ The 7 Purgatory sisters serving the witch Beatrice do their job of tempting and tourmenting to death the inhabitants of the island.

3. Hands of the Priestess, part I

Composer: Steve Hackett (instrumental)
Album: 1975, Voyage Of The Acolyte

4. Kin'iro no Choushou ~Uruwashii no Bansan~

Composer: Akiko Shikata
Translation: Golden sneers ~lovely banquet~
Album: 2008, Umineko no Naku Koro ni Theme Song (video game)
♦ "Welcome to the banquet of madness, let's begin the game I have prepared for you" are the first words of the witch Beato, sung by Akiko Shikata. She gloats over all the blood shed and despair and laments she brings to her guests.

5. The Doll House!

Composers: KanonxKanon (Kanon Wakeshima + Kanon from An Cafe)
Album: 2010, Calendula Requiem (2nd OP single of the anime Shiki)
♦ "Please take me out here!": a girl laments for being seen as a doll in cage unable to express her feelings, unless she really is a doll having real feelings and being desperate about the limits of her still body?

6. Vocaloid Meiko & Miku - Kurayami no Oku ni

Composer: Shado
Translation: In the depth of darkness
♦ The "singer" Miku tells her endless walk in the dark night. Quite afraid, she senses something approaching, coming from the darkness. The shadow of something frigthening, alive and dark clings to her feet...

7. Akui to ai no Sukima no Puzzle

Circle: Esper Gakuen (sung by iojjj)
Translation: The puzzle of the gap between malice and love
Album: 2010, Diabolic Theater (Akuma no Gekijou) (Umineko no Naku Koro ni video game)
♦ This song is about Maria Ushiromiya, the sometimes lovely sometimes devilish little girl.

8. Bim Bam Boum

Composers: J-P. Pilot, W. Rousseau et O. Schultheis, lyrics D. Attia (sung by Mélissa Mars)
Album: 2009, Mozart l'Opéra Rock
♦ Aloysia, overwhelmed by a new love feeling...

9. Anabasis

Composer: Dead Can Dance
Translation: "anabasis" means ascent, climb in greek
Album: 2012, Anastasis
♦ Travelling far away... (Ican't help it if I love DCD!).

10. Theme of Maria Kurenai

Composer: Takefumi Haketa (instrumental)
Album: 2008, Vampire Knight anime OST
♦ Petite, pretty but fragile vampire, she let herself be possessed to become stronger, however events won't occur as expected.

11. Pièces Froides n°1 - Airs à faire fuir I

Composer: Erik Satie, arranged by Steve Hackett
Translation: Cold Pieces no1 - Tunes that make you flee 1
Album: 2000, Sketches of Satie


Previous playlists or BGM

2009 - Mainly inspired by The Royal Doll Orchestra

1. Kokusyoku Sumire - Circus no Uma  [Circus horse]
2. Ali Project - Kimi ga Tame, Oshi kara Zarishi Meisa he  [Just for you, I don't regret my life]
3. Ali Project - Gokuraku Ibarahime  [Heaven's Sleeping Beauty]
4. Miranda Sex Garden - Caravan (Ellington, Mills, Tizol cover)
5. Epica - The Last Crusade (live at Miskolc)
6. Emilie Simon - Alicia (live at l'Olympia)
7. Tarja Turunen - Damned Vampires and Gothic Divine
8. John Playford - Moll Peatly, or the old Marinett
9. Kokusyoku Sumire - Junketsu ha Aka  [Purity is Red]
10. Buck-Tick - Die
11. Miranda Sex Garden - Sleeping Beauty
12. Silent Stream of Godless Elegy - Cantara (Dead Can Dance cover)
13. Leila - In the Garden (based upon an Ukrainian folk song)
14. Wizo - Poupée de Cire (Serge Gainsbourg cover)
15. Ali Project - Illness and Ruins
16. Zabadak - Ningyou tachi no Nagai Gosui (live ''Noren Wake'')  [The long nap of the dolls]


1. Heroes of Might and Magic IV - Asylum

2004 - Inspired by Ludwig Revolution

Le Pacte des Loups OST - La Tessier (beginning only)

2003 - Inspired by God Child

Chopin - Mazurka in A minor, opus posthumous 68, no 2


Edward Scissorhands OST - Theme


Satie - Gnossienne no 3