Version 8 online!

The version 8 is finally online! Pheww, so much work spanning over two years for this one... with a release postponed due to the time-consuming activity of newborn caring and other life events.^^ Beyond the template featuring Yuki's recent series Demon from Afar, let's have a look at the changes and new features of the site.

  • The layout is more classic again with on top the sections you're now used to. Some of them have submenus directly on their main page, this is to make it easier for me to classify the scary amount of pages.
  • I now use a true blog engine to post the site news. It means you can comment and navigate more easily in the archives. ^^
  • Galleries are separated from the manga pages as in the older versions of the site. Simply because they will be easier to manage with the type of site of the v8.
  • A true internal search engine (this is not Google or some suspicious script haha).
  • Pictures now open as a layer on the currently viewed page for a fancier browsing... given Javascript hasn't been deactivated in your browser (as it's a Fancybox-like system). You can open several pictures simultaneously and even move them within your browser with the mouse. After you clicked on a thumbnail in a gallery, use the 'arrow' keys to go to the next picture and 'escape' to close the picture.
  • Cool options:
    • The social sharing AddThis bar is now available at the bottom of every pages. Feel free to use it to promote my site and Kaori Yuki ^^
    • You can print a page thanks to the small link ("imprimer") on the upper right of the site: it will automatically create a lighter, less colored page for your printer
  • 2 new pages in "Manga" (French only):
  • 4 new pages in "Kaori Yuki" (French only):
    • Scans from her trip to Taiwan (raw available)
    • Page about the VHS "Angel Project" (same info as on Angel Sword)
    • Japanese and French press articles (with info from the site Setsuna's Heart)
    • Overview of some other authors you may like
  • I modified the layout and updated the content of:
    • Kaori Yuki
    • Scans of her trip to London are of higher quality (raw available)
    • The covers through the world, in "Manga"
    • The doujinshi where I added a listing of Kaori Yuki's works and 2 doujinshi from 1991!
    • Meine Liebe: the long text page has been divided into several smaller pages
    • The fanart page becomes "fanwork" as it now provides links to cosplay and videos too
    • Jump on my new sales on the goodies page! ("produits derives")


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