More interviews and more Alice

At last, you may know more about the story of Kakei no Alice. ^^ It took 4 days to your humble webmiss to write a full summary of the first 4 chapters (in French). They will form the volume 1 to be released in less than 3 weeks in Japan. I also created characters files. You'll notice it's a really bloody story with corpses and madness right from the start... I kinda forgot this side of Yuki sensei, here she brings us spectacular gore, almost shocking. We want more. ^^

I've also copied a small interview published in France in March in the magazine Japan Lifestyle #32, before Kaori Yuki actually arrived in France. It was made with the help of her French publisher Pika (in French only). Questions are quite interesting. And if you feel like buying the mag, it's still available here and there as it's quartely issued. Lastly, I updated my page about the book fair in Paris with her pictures of presents she got in Paris and two of her selfies.

  At the Versailles palace Mona Lisa in the Louvre


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