Best new year

A very happy new year to everyone! I've been preparing a pretty update for several days already for you, as some after-party... Kakei no Alice is the main subject of the day of course since I added beautiful title pages and some pictures and updated character files. I improved my texts about Devil's Lost Soul and more importantly, the 3 pages long extra chapter is finally available, in Japanese and in French thanks to the (ex-)team DivisionXIII.

I added 2 churches that were used by Kaori Yuki as backgrounds in Iiki no Ki and Alice. And now something nice, I also created a new page about the manga ''Parasyte'' from Hitoshi Iwaaki written in the nineties in order to introduce Kaori Yuki's recent one-shot of 32 pages based upon that manga.

Now a small side note to end my news, Kaori Yuki tweeted on her birthday on December the 18th. But this time, she could savour French foie gras and a half bottle of champagne offered by some fans in Paris back in March. And so what...? Well, this tasty champagne came from me. °^^° Made by a small independant winemaker, I only hope it was to her taste and that the travel didn't corrupt it...

Title page of Neo Kiseijuu 6 Kakei no Alice - Title page of chapter 7 Kakei no Alice - Title page of chapter 8 Title page of chapter 9    Kakei no Alice - Colour page in volume 2


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