Ultimate Aria and Meine Liebe II goodies

Today I propose new (old) things which have been waiting in the dust for a long time. ^^ First, I recreated the CD menu and content given in the magazine Aria #10, 2010. So, next to Kaori Yuki's goods, fans of the other main series (Pika Ichi, Magnolia, Junketsu + Kareshi) will feel spoiled ;) (me the first ^^) => HERE!

The second big update is the upload of Meine Liebe second bonus CD content. Remember... a CD with PC "accessories" was given with the first PS2 game in 2004 (I know, this is faaar away). A second CD was also edited as first press with the release of the second PS2 game in 2006. The CD content is now available here. =D Okay, this is not directly related to Kaori Yuki anymore as Kiriko Yumeji is the one who worked on the chara design, but who cares? It's Meine Liebe!

P.S. : Oh right! I finally uploaded the audio interview from Kaori Yuki about Angel Sanctuary which is on the 2004 DVD Deluxe de 2004 (in fact it's also in "Angel Project", it's from 2000 ^^; ).


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