US edition of Alice

I'll talk today about the American edition of Kakei no Alice, available since summer 2015 and from which I bought 2 volumes out of the 3 already released.

This edition is published by Yen Press, the look is very clean, its size is larger than Kodansha's original what is lovely to admire the beautiful pages from Kaori Yuki. Colourful illustrations have been kept and the print quality is very close to the original version. Lastly, cover is hard with a golden title written on the side, the end product looks quite luxuous. Colours and contrast on the sleeve are rather close to the original, however the American volume 1 sleeve is slightly too dark and volume 2 pink is not bright enough.
Find below (and on my page Manga > Couvertures (covers)) my photos from the two editions for comparison.

Along with this news I jumped on the occasion to scan and upload their atogaki. For Europeans: if you want to buy the US books, I would tell you to check out books will arrive faster than from and the final price of the parcel may be a bit cheaper (depending on euro change). In any case, please keep in mind that one book costs about 15-16 €, most certainly because of its size, hard cover and colourful page...

Last thing, I added an old French article about Angel Sanctuary from the defunct magazine "Gameplay RPG" and I also fixed broken links from other mags.

Kakei no Alice japonais et américain (2016) Kakei no Alice japonais et américain (2016)


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