The next releases... tempting

Japan: NKG volume 5 has been announced for the 19th August 2010 (ISBN 9784592186656). Second interesting and a tad surprising news, a new edition of Blood Hound will be out also on 19th August. It's a kanzenban edition, aka "complete" generally with colour pages. Here it will be B6 sized (to compare, remember the kanzenban edition of Count Cain which was much bigger, A5 sized). There is not more information regarding these two books at the moment. By the way, Betsuhana #8 with some more Blood Hound inside will be released tomorrow...

France: yay something finally happens in France! Guignol 1 will be released in 5 days and French publisher Tonkam jumped on the occasion to promote this awaited series. They've published an online excerpt, added the manga to their website background, already revealed the release dates and covers of volumes 2 and 3, and the best at the end... a free bookmark of the series will be available so that we can complete our Yuki sensei bookmarks collection. ^^ It will be included in the free catalog of the publisher distributed during the convention Japan Expo then later in book stores. Thank you Tonkam!


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