Some seinen for Yuki sensei?

Japan: a new piece of work from sensei will be released in ARIA #1 of 2015. It's a oneshot based upon the manga "Parasyte", a sci-fi seinen written by Hitoshi Iwaaki in the nineties that counts 10 volumes. Somewhat promoting the upcoming airing of the anime on NTV in October, the magazines Afternoon and Aria of Kodansha publish oneshots created by different mangakas they prepublish. The project is called "Neo Kiseijuu" with a final "f" in Aria (standing for female?). Each month since October, 2 chapters of variable length appear in Aria. At the moment, the mangakas who wrote a chapter are Miki Rinno, MikiMaki, Hikaru Suruga and Ema Tooyama. At the end of the month, in the same time as Kaori Yuki we'll be discovering the oneshot from Asumiko Nakamura. Knowing that sensei likes a lot this manga and dreams of drawing a seinen, I wonder what she's going to come up with in her tribute chapter...

Secondly, Kakei no Alice volume 2 will be available on Friday the 7th of November in Japan, it's easy to pick up the book with this deep pink cover. Cheers to Kodansha for this unexpected birthday present ;) (meanwhile, it also means I'm getting older...)

France: some interesting things to say here, however I already tweeted about most of them: Ludwig Fantasy, the sequel of Ludwig Revolution published in October 2013 in Japan will be released on next Wednesday the 12th of November, almost 1 year later. But don't expect a volume 2 too soon, it doesn't exist yet in Japan! Kaori Yuki doesn't work on it at the moment as she's mainly focused on her young series Kakei no Alice.

Lastly, Devil's Lost Soul #4 is out in France since last Wednesday (6 days ago). Volume 5 has been announced for the 4th of February 2015, as a reminder the series counts 6 volumes.

Kakei no Alice vol 2 - 9784063807257 (Nov 7, 2014) Devil's Lost Soul vol 4 FR - 9782811616304 (Oct 29, 2014) Ludwig Fantasy vol1 FR - 9784592214014 (Nov 12, 2014)


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