Covers, signing and... (French) surprises!

Japan: I remind you the release date of Iiki no Ki volume 1 = March 7 2011. Chapter 6 = February 28 (Aria #4).
To celebrate this very first publication of the series and coming from Aria, Kaori Yuki will hold a signing session at the Shinjuku Kinokuniya in Tokyo on March 27 2011 *envious*.

France: release of The Royal Doll Orchestra volume 5 = March 9 2011. Tonkam will also spoil us with the release in July 2011 (for Parisian Japan Expo?) of the kanzenban ("complete") edition of Blood Hound, meaning with the 2 chapters that don't appear in the regular edition and a few new pages for the old chapters. It will be a Deluxe edition so the announced price is very high for barely 200 pages: €19.90. The publisher says this is due to the special treatment the book will benefit from: fabric cover (velvet-like) with a silver metallic layer (source). With such a price I hope the colourful images from the original edition will be included (see them here).
Unfortunately, I doubt the book will sell well given the price, but more importantly I hope Tonkam will take into account that those who already own the regular edition won't necessarily understand the essential difference between both versions (only the second one is complete)... Anyways, I can't wait to see the result, the initiative is laudable!

Another newly announced publication: a new schedule book dedicated to Kaori Yuki is scheduled around May 2011. As a side note, the one from 2009-2010 went out on June 3 2009 at €12. I hope we'll get a glimpse of Iiki no Ki, it'd be awesome for all the fans and would add serious value to the object. *_*


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