Bits of Iiki no Ki and Guignol

Japan: it is during these cold and rainy days that we eagerly watch out for info regarding our mangas... Unfortunately sometimes there's not much to say. The new issue of Aria just came out with Junketsu+Kareshi on the cover. And it seems there's a colour page for Iiki no Ki. I don't have yet a copy in my hands so I can't check, but this should change soon. ^^ Then Kaori Yuki will have a break, there won't be a chapter 5 in Aria 2011 #1.

We also learn in her blog that she's looking for another part-time assistant to help with tones, apparently the previous one left.

France: The Royal Doll Orchestra volume 3 has been released today. For the occasion, Tonkam added a preview of the first 16 pages of the book. Volume 4 should be out on January 5, 2011, meaning the new prices to be increased on the 1st January 2011 will apply: this book format will cost €6.95 instead of the current €6.25. Not a good news for the wallet...


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