Alice summary, Neo Parasyte f in English

Big update today!

  • Detailed summary of volumes 5, 6, and latest prepublished chapters of Alice in Murderland, spoil inside!
  • New characters files for Alice in Murderland
  • Signs (Angel Sanctuary 2015)
  • Inspirations (Alice in Murderland ch.21: see)
  • Goodies (postcard Pika 2016)
  • Parasite (manga)

Along with interesting things regarding releases.

  • Alice chapter 28: today in Aria 1, 2017. It ends the future volume 7.
  • Alice in Murderland volume 3 in France: in two days :D
  • Alice in Murderland volume 4 in France: 1st March 2017
  • Alice in Murderland volume 5 in the US: 24 January 2017
  • Alice in Murderland volume 7 in Japan: 6 January 2017
  • Neo Parasyte f in English: this month (3rd November 2016) by Kodansha Comics (USA). The oneshot tribute by Kaori Yuki is called "The God of Never Never" in English (Nainai no Kamisama).
New Setsuna to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Viz Shojo Beat imprint in July 2015. First press postcard for Alice vol.1 release in June 2016 in France. Neo Parasyte f (USA) Neo Parasyte f, with 2 colourful illustrations inside.


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