Reports in France and Kakei no Alice

Japan: volume 1 of Kakei no Alice is scheduled next month on June 6. And on June 28, chapter 5 will be published in Aria #8, meaning Kaori Yuki is having a break this month.

France: so many news here! Firstly, Devil's Lost Soul 3 will be out on August 20. Secondly, the French magazine Animeland awarded sensei with their "prix d'honneur" to honour her career. The author said a few kind words to thank Animeland (to read in the mag EDIT 2015 : readable here).
But most of all, on May 1st the French channel J-One specialized in Japan and anime aired their interview of Kaori Yuki made during the book fair in Paris, AND the official record is available on their site since a few (here starting from 9:30)! Kaori Yuki speaks mainly about inspirations and the reporter presents her best titles, sadly no word about her new series.
However, in the Animeland #198 recently issued (issue of May-June), there is a lot to read as they prepared a true file of 13 pages about sensei. All her most successful mangas are present, many things about her style too, and this time we have a few things on Kakei no Alice (synopsis and genesis of the story). :D The most interesting part is of course the interview made at the "Salon du Livre" in Paris. I recommend this issue, which also has such a pretty cover! ♥

Animeland 198 Animeland 198


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