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At last, the work Beauty and the Beast has its very own page on A Yuki Kaori Shrine, in Manga. ^__^ It took me some time to get hold of the Palcy app, I hope I made no mistakes in my explanations and that they are not too confusing either (French only).

The series is titled Rakuen no Bijo to Yajuu, that I dare translating into Beauty and the Beast of the Fallen Garden (La Belle et la Bête du Jardin Déchu in French). For now, 4 chapters of about 40 pages are available on the mobile app, mostly not free. Chapter 5 is currently in progress. Still, to tease us, the first 14 pages are online here for free, thank you Kodansha x Palcy x Pixiv. ^^ 10 pages are published per week, meaning 40 pages per month just like Alice in Murderland or Demon From Afar.


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