Happy new year and other cool stuff!

Let's start with the so usual and trivial "happy new year 2011 to all!", making feeling better though. I made you a little "card" for the occasion. :] I don't know if you already checked my author's news page?, I have there a word about the latest Iiki no Ki chapter (5th) having 3 colorful pages. Kaori Yuki is really productive with this series, the rate [number of chapters out] / [number of colour pages] is impressive. ^^ With the release of NKG volume 4 in France, I updated the sidetalks and atogaki in French.

And now a news that will most likely please the biggest fans: the French teams DivisionXIII et Fuyu no Yo translated a short story coming from a doujinshi of Kaori Yuki (Antique Garden from 1995). It's Ningyoutachi no nagai Gosui ("the long nap of the dolls") written in 1993 and based on a title of the band Zabadak. You will find the story in French only (sorry!) at Fuyu no Yo who also kindly provide their own translation of the song, or at DivisionXIII with whom I usually "work". Cheers to the teams for this quality release. =^^=

Happy new year


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