Dojinshi for the new year 2019

Beautiful and happy new year 2019 n( ^ω^)n ('Alice in Murderland': drawing by Yuki sensei colorized by Leguman)

Today I speak about doujinshi: maybe some of you have already seen my recent findings on Twitter. These dojin are Kaori Yuki's recent productions: all of them being about Osomatsu-san, successful anime in two seasons aired in 2015 and 2017. She signs under a new pen name: ラピス ("lapis") of the circle 深海ゼリー ("shinkai jelly").

We can find 7 doujinshis that are sold on Toranoana and Mandarake and of course at Japanese cons. Or else, we are still very lucky to have access from our chair from everywhere in the world, to her roughs and more on her second Pixiv account. Her latest doujinshi has been printed in November 2018.
=> More on my dojinshi page.

Shinanai boku wo korosu no wa (2016) Kimi e kuchizuke akuma to nemuru (2016) Oki ni mesu mama (2016) Karappo no tenkuni (2017) Bokura wa aru asa totsuzen ni (2017) Choyo hanayo part 1 (2017) Choyo hanayo part 2 (2018)


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