Beauty and the Beast of the Lost Paradise 1

Hello everyone! While we are all confined here in France since a week, I think some news about Kaori Yuki would lighten the mood and bring some good times to those sharing the same boat. :3

As you may have read on Twitter, the volume 1 of La Belle et la Bête du Paradis Perdu, Kaori Yuki's new series started in October 2019, was released in Japan on February 13, 2020. The subtitle is in French (yay!), I translate it as simply as "Beauty and the Beast of the Lost Paradise".
On Kodansha's site, as usual a preview of 24 pages is available, which represents about half of chapter 1. This series is 100% digitally made and its prepublication occurs only online, on "Palcy".

The cover is dark and detailed, unlike Alice in Murderland, its rich hues remind of the style used for Devil's Lost Soul (example). Sensei uses French words in the table of contents, most likely some little reminder of the French origin of the tale. By the way, you can read it on the site here (French only).

Kaori Yuki has given us several pretty illustrations on Twitter (like here) that I have added into the gallery.

ISBN 9784065184233 belle-bete 04 belle-bete maids belle-bete belle05


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