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I finally updated Kakei no Alice page with information about extra cards, volume 4 and licences. Regarding pictures, I scanned title pages of chapters 16 and 17 - with a colored Stella! - and a few pictures from ch.16 and 17 that I like: we finally meet Ibara, another sister of Stella... I also added pictures to my "divers" gallery ("misc.") coming from Yuki sensei's tweets, including an Attack on Titan fanart. ^^
By the way, you can have a look at the manga until chapter 10 (volume 3) in Chinese here. There is no English version easily available online as the series is being published in the USA since June 2015.

Japan events summary:

  • On Sunday October 17, Kaori Yuki held a signing session for the first 100 persons who managed to get a ticket at Yurindo store in Yokohama. The author signed on the first page of volume 4 and gave to her happy fans 2 little bookmarks that she printed herself and drew on purpose about 2 days earlier. She also tells us in her blog and Twitter that she received many, many presents from her fans.
  • Aria will participate in the AGF 2015 (Animate Girl Festival) that will take place on November 7-8 at Ikebukuro Sunshine City (Tokyo). Some goodies printed for its 5th birthday on 30th August 2015 will be available during the fair. Visitors will be able to buy some Kaori Yuki's goodies: Kakei no Alice paper letter, a key holder and a signed B4 illustration.

Lastly, I would like to share some links to a really pretty Alice Japanese cosplay from Hinageshi : in action / selfie.

Title page 'Kakei no Alice' Title page 'Kakei no Alice' Colour illustration from page 1 of the manga Colour illustration from page 1 of the manga Colour illustration from page 1 of the manga Volume 4 chapter 16 Volume 4 chapter 16 alice-ch17-ibara alice-ch17-ibara-stella alice-ch17-page40 Extra cards (October 2015) Extra cards (October 2015)
sketch116 20150728 alice collectorcard sketch121 20151015 alice sign-goods study sketch118b 20151011 goodies-yuki selfmade-sign20151017 alice Fanart 'Attack on Titan'
  • Goodies from Aria's 5th birthday:
List Can badge Key holder Signed illustration B4 sized Paper letter Paper letter Paper letter



  1. By Yona, on 21 octobre 2015 à 01:39 CEST I like images from this series so much! thakns for sharing

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