Alice covers scans

Hi... time flies! Nothing wow today, I only updated info about Alice in Murderland (something that I also do without warning at times) and scanned anew the latest book covers, they now look closer to the real thing. I also added the atogakis of these same books (4 to 7).

Now a glimpse at the upcoming releases:

  • Alice in Murderland volume 5 in France (9782811634315): May 31, 2017
  • Alice in Murderland volume 6 in the US (9780316469319): April 18, 2017

In Japan, volume 8 is most likely to be expected in late summer... Kaori Yuki sensei did not write new chapters recently - what is uncommon - and I didn't find anything about the matter (yet).

I have quite some more pictures to add to my site... though time for preparing them, I lack. :(

Titlepage ch.29 (Miser) alice-fr-vol04-all alice-jp-vol04-all alice-jp-vol05 alice-jp-vol06-all alice-jp-vol07-all


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