2003 Interview pour le magazine Hana to Yume

Interview de Kaori Yuki - Hana to Yume

Cette courte interview a été publiée en même temps que le dernier chapitre de God Child. Vous en trouverez une traduction en français sur le site Poison. Attention, l'interview contient des spoiler sur God Child !
The translation below was done by Risu-chan and Chibi-Jez on the old boards of the Sakura-Crisis scanlation team, on October 13, 2003 (the magazine was issued on October 4 and contains the very last chapter of God Child). Beware of spoilers!

Hana to Yume n°21

Paru le 4 octobre 2003
Magazine de prépub.
shôjo bimensuel
chez Hakusensha

We've finally seen the last part of God Child. There are probably a lot of people who can't see for the tears in their eyes, but it's still too soon to close the book! Hang in there to check out our interview with Yuki-sensei who's just finished writing the manuscript!

1. That last part of God Child -- it must have been terribly exhausting. Please tell us your thoughts about having finished writing the last chapter.

It sort of feels like I've finished my life-work. Just like at the end of Angel Sanctuary [which she refers to as "TenKin" -Risu] I feel burned out. Right now I want to just sleep for a while without thinking about anything at all...

2. "Life-work"... indeed, it's been thirteen whole years since the first chapter, hasn't it. When the Cain series started, did you know which way it would go?

In the initial stages, I'd sketch out the next two or three target points and little by little I'd decide on the images. Around the time of Kafka, I decided on the last direction to take Riff's betrayal and the climax, and decided the most picturesque way to do everything. That might have been when the Doctor's past came to me too.

3. The scene of Riff's betrayal made a terrible impact. Speaking of characters, so many glamourous, fascinating men have appeared, the readers were all enchanted. Who is your favorite character, Yuki-sensei? (laughs)

My favorite is the doctor! His lines are so ridiculously fine, and he's so dangerously oversensitive. But in reality I wouldn't get anywhere near him, y'know. The second favorite was the coffin-shop person. The "action before words" type...

4. Now, a question a little off the topic of the story... This is a monthly magazine, but since the long serialization is finally complete, what would you most like to do next?

Right now I'd like to spend an entire day doing nothing whatsoever.

5. I see. You'd like to gradually recharge your batteries. And then when you've gotten your energy back and feel like pouring yourself into something again, about your next idea -- please let it start with enthusiasm and such.

My next project... I haven't decided yet which it'll be, but there are a whole heap of things I want to draw at leisure. Please keep waiting patiently. If the next project is still undecided, I'll be able to send you a world of high tension, I think... somehow.

6. Aha. We'll be waiting eagerly for it. So, if you please, a final message to our readers.

For your ways of cheering on God Child through such a long time, truly, thank you. I wonder if God Child might have been too short, but from the start I wished to be able to write it this far, and just as planned, I've sent you the final scene. As for myself, it's a series I've poured all my love into, and if I can convey that to you, my readers, then I'm very happy. Well, then, I'll see you again with the next series! (heart)

7. For taking time to speak with us on such an exhausting day, thank you very much.

...And so what did you think of the interview with Yuki-sensei? There will be more coming on stage next, so please enjoy!

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