Vampire Host Deluxe postponed in France

France: well, I'll start with the not-so-good news - We'll have to be really patient as the Vampire Host Deluxe French release has been postponed to... November 9 2011 September 14. Kaori Yuki wasn't under the spotlight this year at Japan Expo, Tonkam preferred to advertise its upcoming first French comic Memento Mori by Rann. Nonetheless, Tonkam associated with Akata to launch once again their "l'été sera shôjo" campaign ("summer will be shoujo"). From June 29, if you buy 3 shoujos from these publishers, you'll get a postcard book which includes one image of Suou from Vampire Host. ^^ However when I checked my local bookshop earlier today, they had not received the goodies yet...


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