Update on Alice

Japan: quickly, Kakei no Alice volume 3 is now out and contains 178 pages, it includes chapters 9 to 12. Rare thing, the cover of Aria 6 released by the end of April is done by Kaori Yuki! The magazine also contains Kakei no Alice chapter 13, which counts 40 pages as usual.

France: 6th and last volume of Devil's Lost Soul (Iiki no Ki) was released this month.

USA: Alice in Murderland volume 1 will be released in one month by Yen Press, on the 23th of June! (Source: Amazon.)

Aria 6 cover (2015) Kakei no Alice 3 (9784063807653) Alice in Murderland 1 (9780316342124 - USA, June 23 2015)


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