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Hi everyone, here I am today for a beautiful update prepared with love under sweet, sunny days. I received the first 2 Japanese volumes of Kakei no Alice with a few exclusive cards, to be seen below. ^^ You will also admire the exclusive signed shikishi made by Kaori Yuki for Hakusensha's exhibition from March 2015. The publisher celebrated the 40th anniversary of Hana to Yume along with the release of issue #1000 and the soon-to-be-ended "Kamisama Hajimemashita" anime. Cain and Riff were the revived characters this time for these nostalgic lucky fans we are. Lastly, I updated Parasyte and atogaki pages (I'm not done there yet).

Kakei no Alice - Title page of chapter 10 Kakei no Alice - Title page of chapter 11 Kakei no Alice - Title page of chapter 12 Alice (scan from chapter 11 issued in end Feb) 9784063807028 9784063807257 Montage du 31 décembre 2014 par Kaori Yuki Card given with volume 1 Card given with volume 2 Illustration of volume 2 cover Shikishi with Cain for the special event of Hana to Yume 1000th in March 2015 at Namja Town (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)


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