Pile of dates

Woot many dates today!

  • On June 26 we'll find a new opus of Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan (ch.10) in the Betsuhana #8.
  • On July 17 will be released the volume 2 of this manga; as of today though we don't know yet its cover.
  • On July 15 Gravel Kingdom and Earl Cain vol.1 will be reissued. It's not explained whether it'll be different from the previous edition, the only change I noted is the ISBN number (source).

France: the schedule book has been released yesterday. You can find an overview in my goodies page. ^^ Angel Sanctuary Deluxe 7 will be out in a month on July 8. Tonkam also announced Gravel Kingdom (Sareki Oukoku) for this summer, followed by Neji before the end of the year. And to end this in joy, negociations would be ongoing to publish NKG..
Note that NKG is scheduled on 'Dec 24 2009 in Germany by Carlsen Manga (titled The Royal Doll Orchestra). Makes one dream...


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