No I did not flee my website! Today I bring you some news and pictures. First, interesting news that my followers already know ^^: Iiki no Ki volume 3 will be released in Japan next month, on Dec 7. Of course the cover is yet unknown. I scanned the latest title page of Iiki no Ki - Chap 12.

Regarding Blood Hound, I finished my review about the French deluxe edition (based on the Japanese kanzenban), with pictures. The French translated atogaki is also available here. Lastly, thanks to Hisazuki I share here an unusual and cute drawing from our sensei: a fanart of the girls from Gakuen Alice ^^ published in the fanbook released 2 months ago in September.

Oh, and just because this is somewhat frustrating, I wanted to share this picture posted by Kaori Yuki sensei to her twitter album ;) (note the materials she uses).


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