Oh sweet news!

News, finally! This post will remain short for now, as I just moved to my new home where it's hectic at the moment (yes, one more time...). Alice in Murderland vol.1 (Kakei no Alice) has been released in France by Pika on the first of June, and vol.2 is to be expected on September the 7th.

In France right now, it is possible to get a couple of goods: a lovely tote bag of fair size (36 x 42 cm) when you buy at least 3 mangas from the French publisher of "Alice" in any French bookshop, and also a poster with the large colourful picture of chapter one in the magazine AnimeLand X-Tra n°42 released not long ago on June 25.

In Japan by the way, "Alice" volume 6 is already announced for August 5! Kaori Yuki sensei is really busy! The series reached chap.24 on June 28 and chap.25 will be out on July, as usual with 40 pages per chapter. For the curious ones, volume 6 story revolves around Tsukito then Ibara "the wrestler", big sister of Stella.

Title pages Title pages Title pages Volume 1 FR Tote bag by Pika (French publisher) Tote bag by Pika (French publisher)


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