Oh sweet holidays!

My, time flies, to think we are already in July, and that I'm soon leaving, oh sweet holidays! Yippie ^-o-^ See you in September to enjoy the releases of Alice in Murderland volume 6 in France on the 6th, and volume 7 in the US on the 19th.

In Japan, Alice in Murderland volume 8 has just been released. The cover features Alice and the twins Sol & Mare. There, our heroine spends some hard time fighting her brothers, and as always we discover (a bit) more about Kuonji family and their enemy the Washimiyas'.

French japanime fair Japan Expo started yesterday near Paris, however this year I've read no announcement and seen no products related to Kaori Yuki and her works. I found a list of goods to hunt here. Unfortunately there will be no Japex for me this year... *regrets*

ISBN 9784063809299 Color page from Alice in Murderland volume 8, feat. Sol and his power of fire Titlepage ch.33


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