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Japan: a new opus of Guignol has started in the Betsuhana from last week (#1). The title is "Quatuor Mosaïques", French again for "Mosaic Quartet" (details to confirm - I don't have my copy yet), there's no colour page - that was to be expected since there's been one last month. Chapter 15 will be out in the end of December. ^^ Hakusensha modified the official site of Betsuhana, it's globally clearer but quite sober, aka less cute and fancy... If you're curious:

Moreover, the volume 4 of Count Cain bunko edition is already scheduled for January 2010 (ISBN 978 4 592 88828 4). All the old oneshots (< 1992) of Yuki sensei are now released in bunko format. They are spread among the following 3: Kaine (5 OS), Gravel Kingdom (2 OS) and Boy's Next Door (5 OS).

France: nothing new... New edition of Neji for the "beginning of 2010", no announcement regarding Guignol. :/


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