New batch of pictures and soon Alice v5

Hiya, I'm back here with news and lots of pictures! Kakei no Alice volume 5 will be released on 3rd of March 2016, it will include chapters 16 to 20. This tankoubon unveils stories around Tsukito and Zeno's past and we also discover Alice becoming even crazier. Chapter 21 is out pretty soon on February 27 in Aria #4.

Regarding galleries, I've added 44 sketches fetched on Kaori Yuki sensei's Twitter (you will notice that she is currently somewhat obsessed with the anime Osomatsu-san now airing in Japan), 5 scans from Alice along with its 2 latest title pages, a dozen of sensei's collages taken from Twitter and 2 surprises: new originals of Cain-sama and Michael!! Eyes food!

Kakei no Alice - title page Kakei no Alice - title page sketch160 20160206 cain sketch161 20160206 mikael sketch141 20151217 alice zeno sketch149 20151228 alice zeno tsukito alice-ch19-zeno alice-ch20-alice1 alice-ch20-alice2 alice-ch20-page17 alice-ch20-page39 alice-collageyuki07 20151027 sketch132 20151208 osomatsusan


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