New autograph and my todo

The latest issue of Aria, #9 released end of July, marks the magazine 7th year existence. As each year on the occasion, every mangaka with an ongoing series dedicated a drawing of their characters. Kaori Yuki made an Alice sneakier than previous times. Moreover, this year 3 different postcards sets with colourful illustrations from several Aria series are available. Alice from chapter 25 was chosen to be put in set A which exists in 7 copies only! (I didn't check it but I suppose these are zen-in.)

Kaori Yuki won't be published in the next issue, Alice in Murderland chapter 35 will be released in Aria #11 on September 28, 2017.

Now a little glimpse of my todo: French translation of Parasyte oneshot is soon done, and I'm still trying to put back online my old Angel Sanctuary archive site Angel Sword! There's just so much to do!

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