NKG volume 3

Japan: the covers of the next bunkos are still unknown but in the meantime Hakusensha announced Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan volume 3 for December 18 (ISBN 978 4 592 18663 2). It's time to guess which illustration will be chosen for the cover. ^^ Also the Betsuhana #12 has been issued last week with a new opus of NKG, "Stigmate" in French ("stigma" or "scar"), with a colour title page. As usual, we'll have the chance to quickly get the continuation in the Betsuhana 2010 #1 out on November 26.

France: volume 8 of AS deluxe is available. The volume 9 is scheduled on January the 6th, 2010 (manga-news).


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