Iiki no Ki around the world

This series is now published outside of Japan.
Let's have a look: Italy has been the first one to schedule a release. The publisher has changed and is now GP Publishing instead of Panini (historical publisher of sensei). They chose the English title The Devil's Lost Soul for the series. 2 volumes have already been published (Dec 13, 2012 but initially scheduled on November, and Jan 28) in 2 qualities: the regular one (without sleeve) at €4.40 and the deluxe one with sleeve, the colour pages, a better paper and not republished for €3.10 more.

Then in Germany: Carlsen Manga launched the series on Dec 4, 2012 under the title Devil from a Foreign Land at €6.95. The series counts 2 volumes, volume 3 will be released on May 29 and volume 4 on Sept 3rd.

In France: no fresh news from the publisher Pika however a blank page about Kaori Yuki exists on their site, see here.

Germany ISBN 9783551766557 Germany ISBN 9783551766564 Germany ISBN 9783551766571 Germany ISBN 9783551766588 Italy ISBN 9788864689395 Italy ISBN 9788864689692 Italy ISBN 9788864689289 Italy ISBN 9788864689708


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