Gallery massive update!

A large update awaits you today: over 200 new drawings by Kaori Yuki sensei! I gathered in the Gallery > Divers ("misc") 2 years 1/2 of tweeted pictures. Mainly, you'll see roughs, sketches, digital colouring attempts, fan art showing her various interests.

Osomatsu-san sketch440 20180319 cain sketch438 20180316 as yue-katou More below: my selection, sort of a best-of...
Alice in Murderland Alice in Murderland Alice in Murderland My Hero Academia My Hero Academia sketch433 20171119 titan eren sketch394 20170519 titan levy sketch434 20180107 houseki-no-kuni phosphophyllite sketch326 20161121 fanart yurionice sketch420 20170918 mirai-nikki yuno sketch361 20170317 funassyi sketch437 20180124 vocaloid kagamine-rin sketch444 20180531 fanart dramaturgy sketch127b 20151104 faitle20180205 sketch436 20180123 cat-eyes Persona 2


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