France: French diary 2009-2010 sold in May

Japan: chapter 8 of Guignol Kyuutei Gakudan (i.e. opus 4 2nd part) has been released on last Thursday in Japan. Chapter 9 will be issued in less than a month in the Betsuhana #5, on April 25. Volume 2 of this title is scheduled for July 2009. The exact date will probably be known in June, you'll have to wait a bit.

France: the one-shot Les Contes Cruels (Zankokuna Douwa tachi) has been released 2 weeks ago. AS Deluxe 6 is still scheduled for April the 8th, and on May 20 will be released the awaited schedule book 2009/2010 on our fav mangaka, Kaori Yuki. ^^


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