Fair in Japan and news from Pika

Japan: Hakusensha advertises the release of Ludwig Fantasia by organising a small event/fair during a month in the Shosen bookstores located in Jimbocho and Akihabara. There, a small exhibition with some sheets of the manga and a selling of a limited shikishi, exclusively created for Shosen, will last until the 17th November (info here and there). An extra card also exists in limited edition offered with the manga (see here), showing Ludwig and Will.
Otherwise, I found no news about the upcoming series of Kaori Yuki. Suspense...

France : Pika finally provides some news about Iiki no Ki! The volume 1 should be released on February 5, 2014 and will bear the title "Devil's Lost Soul" (source). Hence the publisher chose to name the series just like the Italian version. The series will also be published in the USA in 2014 by Yen Press with a hardcover (source).

Devil's Lost Soul (Iiki no Ki) Ludwig Fantasia limited card Ludwig Fantasia Shosen fair 2013 Ludwig Fantasia


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