Cain, the last bunkos

Japan: volumes 5 and 6 of Cain bunko - the last ones - will be out on the same day on March 16. With them, a fair part of Yuki sensei's work will be available under this format. Are missing 0 no Soukoushi, Blood Hound, Camelot Garden, Neji, her short series Fairy Cube and Ludwig Kakumei (and of course Guignol but it's too new to be released as bunko before a while). In a small week we'll finally get a new chapter of Guignol to devour. \o/ This 2 months wait since December has been like an eternity... The issue of January (without NKG) was even more frustrating since our favourite author didn't make any special illustration for the furoku (big postcards this time) while all the other important authors of the magazine did. >< Even though, well, December is a particularly busy month for a mother of 2 children when she also has to take care of her own birthday... (just quoting what she said last year). And, and... how about an artbook already?! *moody Legu*

France: the last volume of the AS deluxe edition is still scheduled on April 14. Nothing else interesting. :/

Btw, if there are italian and german speaking people around, note that volume 1 of Guignol is soon out in Italy: on March 18. And volume 2 will be released on June 25 in Germany.


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