Bunko, more bunko!

Japan: I was waiting for the covers to tell you about it. ^^ The second volume of the bunko edition of Earl Cain will be out on the 15th, in 4 days, and will contain 424 pages. It'll gather the same stories as the kanzenban edition vol.2, aka : "The seal of the Red Ram", "Elizabeth in the mirror", "The death of Cleo Dreyfus", and "The Twisted Fairy Tale". With these 2 volumes we're done with the 5 first volumes of Earl Cain. I suppose the next book will be released in mid-November and will start the "God Child" part. Second thing, Kaine is also being released as a bunko, it will be released the same day and will have 296 pages. Regarding NKG, we'll have to wait until Oct. 26 to read chapter 13 in the Betsuhana #12.

France: Neji has been postponed to the end of the first quarter 2010, most likely after all the AS Deluxe are out in France. In fact, getting a release the same day as AS Deluxe 10 would certainly be a nice gift to do to all the patient fans we are...


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