Beauty and the Beast on Palcy

On the 17th of October 2019, almost one year after the publication of the last volume of Alice in Murderland (Oct 5, 2018), Kaori Yuki sensei will have her Beauty and the Beast manga published on Palcy (パルシィ), Kodansha and Pixiv's Japanese app for manga reading on phone, which is not available in France. The Japanese title of the manga is Rakuen no Bijo to Yajuu (落園の美女と野獣), the protagonists are an antipathetic Beauty who thinks she's ugly and an awkward asocial Beast (source: her tweets). This is the story that Kaori Yuki shared on Pixiv earlier this year.

In the meanwhile, you may still read the latest postscripts of Alice that I finally uploaded. In French though, sorry...


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