Alice: volume 5 and more pictures

Volume 5 of Kakei no Alice (Alice in Murderland) has been released 3 days ago in Japan. As I said earlier, it focuses on male characters Zeno and Tsukito who are linked by their past, then a new character appears in the place: Cheshire (Cheshire Cat) wearing a cat-eared hood of course. Not much more to say yet.

It was a good occasion to update Kakei no Alice's galleries with: chapter 21 title page and some scans, previews of collector sheets (5 big sized pages copies to win through lottery in Japan) and of the "first press" card released along with volume 5, colour page of volume 5, a new sign and... that's all. Short little info, I'm currently helping with scanlating the Parasyte oneshot made in late 2014 by Kaori Yuki sensei. To be continued... ^^

Title page chap 21 alice-ch21-cheshire alice-ch21-stella alice-ch21-zeno alice-advertv05 alice-collectorcard-vol05 animate alice-collectorsheets3 alice vol05 illustration Zeno dedi20160307-Alice-releasev5


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