Alice in France and Angel Sanctuary online

Now sharing a quick overview of the French releases. There is one volume only to be released then Alice in Murderland is over in France! The dates:

  • Alice in Murderland volume 11 - 22nd May 2019 (EAN 9782811648824)
  • Alice in Murderland volume 10 - 23rd January 2019 (EAN 9782811646851)

Also, since the beginning of March 2019, Angel Sanctuary is available on the Japanese online reading website of Hakusensha:, with 2 free chapters (an app is also available for smartphones). Kaori Yuki made on the occasion two new pictures of Setsuna Mudou and his sister, hence we can see her first digital works "officially" used.

Tenshi kinryouku (Angel Sanctuary) Super spectacular battle - Tenshi kinryouku


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