Alice in English!

Japan: no chapter of Kakei no Alice in the next issue of Aria. We'll have to wait until the 28th of February to be able to read chapitre 11, in Aria 4. Chapter 10 released 2 weeks ago contains 40 black and white pages.

France: Devil's Lost Soul (Iiki no Ki) volume 5 will be released on the 4th of February and volume 6, the last one, is scheduled on the 6th of May. And then stay happy! You will have access to Kakei no Alice in English, as it is to be released in the USA starting from June 2015 by Yen Press! The title is clear and simple: Alice in Murdeland. By the way, the same publisher started releasing Iiki no Ki last month under the well translated title Demon from Afar. English speaking readers had to be very patient as the license was announced back in November... 2013.

Devil's Lost Soul vol 5 FR (9782811618179 - Feb 4, 2015) Demon from Afar vol 1 US (9780316336673 - Dec 16, 2014)


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