Alice has ended!

The final chapter of Alice in Murderland has been released this week in Japan! It's the number 44, issued in Shounen Magazine Edge #10 on September 15. This chapter is about the final battle between Stella and Olga... You can discover the first pages below, not really spoiling (source: Kindle preview from Amazon). I also updated the galleries with previous chapters title pages and some other Alice pictures.

In Japan, the final volume 11 is scheduled on October 5, by Kodansha as usual (ISBN 9784065133231). Kaori Yuki said on Twitter that she could finish the story as she wanted to. ^^

In France, dont' miss the release of volume 9 by Pika, delayed to Wednesday the 26th September.

Chapter 42 Chapter 43 Chapter 44 (final) A page from ch.42 Ch.44 page 3 Ch.44 page 4 Ch.44 page 5 Ch.44 page 6


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