Alice Six

When coming back from holidays I jumped onto the letterbox to take my copy of the latest Aria, all impatient I was to open it as I knew what to expect in there! The mag is 6 years old so Kaori Yuki sensei drew a little signed portrait of the current heroine Alice. With an incredible nice candy face...

Aria #9 also hides Alice in Murderland chapter 25, 41 pages including 1 pretty colourful title page, yay! The manga volume 6 has been released 1 week ago in Japan. Cover features Alice & Tsukito and the inner colour page shows Ibara, the wrestler sister of Stella that you can see below. Moreover, Animate edited a new limited card that you will get if you buy the volume 6 in one of their stores. Read preview here.

And if you're curious, you will also find some sketches of Ibara on Twitter:
Colour page sketch - clothes study back - clothes study dress

dedi2016-Alice Title page alice vol06 illustration Volume 6 alice-collectorcard-vol06 animate2


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