ARIA stopped!

Important news: Alice in Murderland moved to another magazine from Kodansha and also to a new publication system. The series is available since May through an app made by Kodansha and Pixiv: Palcy (not available in France). This platform is the reason why Aria stopped, the last issue of Aria being the #6 published in April (see red cover below).

Thus, the next chapter of Alice (#42) will be out on July 17 in the magazine Shônen Magazine Edge #8 and on Palcy. Also, first chapters are readable online on the site Pixiv Comic.

Lastly, Alice in Murderland volume 10 will be released in a few days in Japan, on June 7 (ISBN 9784065117361). It's Melm's turn to be on stage... And for the pleasure of spoilers: Alice versus Melm, page 38 (out of 40p) from ch.40 >.<

alice-ch38-titlepage alice-ch39-titlepage-s alice-ch40-titlepage alice-ch41-titlepage aria2018-06


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