A little Alice update

Hi there! I haven't posted anything here for quite a long time, that's because I'm very busy since September and it won't change anytime soon... But no worries I keep an eye on the matter, and don't forget that I also use Twitter to give news.

Alice in Murderland owns 27 chapters in Japan (6 volumes), and soon it will also count 3 volumes in France: Pika will publish #3 on November 30 (next Wednesday) and will then publish volume 4 on March 1st, 2017.

Now let's go back to Japan a little more... In Alice in Murderland chapter 26, we could witness the end of Alice's fight against Ibara the wrestler, you can see below a few (bloody) pages of that part. Then a new part begins: Stella confronting Alice, where Alice ends up taking control over Stella's body... In chapter 27, we finally get some knowledge about Alice's past, how she's been trained, thanks to our harmless little Stella aimlessly going "through the looking-glass".

Title page Title page Volume 3 FR [9782811631703] - November 30, 2016 alice-ch26-page01 alice-ch26-page02 alice-ch26-page16 alice-ch26-page21 alice-ch26-alice


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